Need For Speed
Electronic Arts
2021 — 23




As a UI Artist on Need For Speed No Limits, (iOS & Android) my work mostly covered the live service events from 2021 to 2023. Each Seasonal Event needed branding, UI materials, promotional pieces and in many cases, re-skins of the UI.

In addition to these events, I was the lead UI artist for a new event - Crew Trials, for which I rebranded the crews in the game and designed new custom event screens.

Two highlights of my time on the game were designing the identity for Paradyne Industries (the bad guys of Blackridge) and having the opportunity to contribute a universal car wrap to the '22 Halloween Event.

Below is a sample of the work I did during the development of various seasonal events from 2021-23, including logos, event tickets, card art and promo material.

Drift Macxabre Event Promo Artwork
Shadowfall Logo
Precipice of Power Logo
Rise of The Tiger Event Promo Artwork
desert shroud event logo
west end waves event logo
precipice of power event cards UI screen
winter's shadow event logo
drift macabre event tickets UI screen
shadowfall event chapter select UI screen
forgotten tales vault series UI screen
lion's den event chapter select UI screen

I was lead UI Artist for our 2022 event, Crew Trials. Players could face off in a series of races against each of the game's crews. The UI was tailored each update to reflect the crew's style, racers and colours. I worked on UI, branding and emblems for each crew.

crew trials event promotional poster
crew trials event logo
powerhaus crew logo promo poster
crew trials promo artwork collection
renegades crew logo promo poster
crew trials event screen UI wireframes crew trials event screen

Paradyne Industries were introduced as part of a new cop driven narrative, storming the streets of Blackridge with heavy police presence. I designed the logos for use on vehicles, characters and marketing. I also designed several pieces of a larger identity which featured on track billboards.

logo for paradyne industries featuring a small emblem with a lions head
paradyne industries billboard branding

I had the opportunity to push my illustration skills as the first UI Artist to contribute a wrap to the game. The Hallows Eve wrap pays homage to Samhain, the pagan druidic celebration of the Winter Solstice. I used an alpha mask to allow players to choose their own colours.

Green Hallows Eve Need for Speed car wrap on a Ford Mustang
Green Hallows Eve Need for Speed car wrap on a Ford Mustang


Additional 2D Artwork:

Sahan Gamage. Darren Yeow

3D Modelling:

Simon Hansen

UI & Graphic Design:

Christian Orkibi